MetaCartel to 
to Hydra Ventures

With Special Guest
Victor Rortvedt


In this latest instalment of Hydra Origin Stories, we delve into the narrative that precludes the inception of Hydra Ventures – the remarkable story of MetaCartel. Join us as our hosts engage in a compelling conversation with Peter and Victor, key figures in the MetaCartel and Hydra Ventures community.

This episode focuses on the genesis and evolution of MetaCartel, highlighting its pivotal role in nurturing early-stage projects. We explore the initial challenges, adoption and further development of the Moloch framework and how these experiences culminated in the birth of Hydra Ventures.

Peter's insights provide a unique perspective on the impact and significance of MetaCartel in the broader context of community-driven investment DAOs. Tune in to discover the rich history and lessons that paved the way for Hydra Ventures' success.

Show Notes


  • 02.00 - The path to Web3. 
  • 06.40 - Journey from learning about Bitcoin, meeting the developer community and discovering value beyond coins. 
  • 09.45 - Inception of MetaCartel working group.
  • 14:30 - UX problem and first effort to solve it - early MetaCartel work.
  • 16.40 - Mass adoption and scalability: user experience, infrastructure and use cases.
  • 18:00 - "The hinge moment" - growth of MetaCartel - from telegram group to forming real community through creating a culture and desire to self-coordinate.
  • 22.03 - Genesis of MetaCarpal DAO grants, EthDenver 2019, MolochDAO.
  • 25.24 - Forking Moloch DAO and experimentation around use cases.
  • 26.27 - First supported project, the power of nurturing and supporting the community early on - grant as a sign of conviction in a project.
  • 32.11 - Early challenges and blockers for growing MetaCartel.
  • 35.19 - Launching MetaCarpal Ventures DAO, creation of Moloch v2.
  • 40.37 - Growing MetaCartel community and culture preservation. Early phases of the member-led investment DAO. Collective investment decision-making coming together and early stage validation.
  • 49.49 - On-chain investments.
  • 50.15 - Investment DAO challenges - system design, free-rider problem, building the incentive system, forming investment thesis.
  • 57.10 - How Hydra Ventures came together - from Metacartel to community-driven Investment DAO.
  • 59.00 - Origin of Thing3 and the quest for building value-driven service providers. 
  • 1.02.00 - Hydra Ventures Whitepaper.
  • 1.06.10 - The goals and future vision for Hydra Ventures.