Scaling community first investing across all of web3

Hydra Ventures is the first dedicated investment DAO focused on backing and incubating other investment DAOs across the web3 ecosystem. We bring expertise and guidance on all aspects of running an investment DAO throughout the entire lifecycle: community coordination, investments, organizational design, incentive design and back office (legal, tax, accounting, ops).
About us

Welcome to Hydra, an investment ecosystem of builders, founders and investors turning collaborative communities into self-sustaining capital allocators.


Accelerate the emergence of the investment DAO ecosystem


Help communities launch their first investment DAOs from scratch.


Advise communities on how to operate an investment DAO
Organizations who are DAO members
DAO members overview



Partner at 1kx

Victor Rortvedt

Founding Blood Mage at MetaCartel Ventures

Shawn Dimantha

PM at Google

Austin McKee

Hydra Ventures Chief of Staff and Co-Founder of RPD

Danny Carpio

Co-Founder at Thing3 and Co-Founder of Ready Player DAO

Larry Florio

Co-Founder at Thing3

Jake Becker

Investor at Wicklow Capital

Stephen McKeon

Managing Partner at Collab+Currency

Kenny Rowe

Building at Urbit and Founding Team at MakerDAO

Thomas Rush

Partner at ConsenSys Mesh

Charlie Sandor

Investor at CMT Digital

Brooke Pollack

Founder & Managing Partner at Hutt Capital

Ben Middleton

MCV Blood Mage

Timour Kosters

Investor with Seed Club Ventures

Isaac Patka

Co-Summoner at Logos DAO

Harshit Tiwari

BD, Growth Verticals & DAOs at NEAR Foundation

Michael Zargham

Founder/Chief Engineer at BlockScience

Aryan Sheikhalian

Head of Research at CMT Digital

Amanda Young

Investor at Collab+Currency

James Brodie

Founder at ID Theory

Igor Alferov

Angel Investor at
Owl Ventures

Gustav Friis

Founder at NEARWEEK

Ivan Fartunov

Ecosystem at Aragon

Hanhui Sun (Jack)

Research & Investment at Steel Perlot

Eric Arsenault

Founder at VentureClub

Jakub Rusiecki


at The Symmetrical, Founder of Social Graph Ventutes

Rolf Hoefer

Founder at Cultur3

Tae Kikz

Operator at MCV and

Nemanja Cerovac (Nemo)

Spawner at Daedelus

Kazsa Tamai

Founder at Zypsy

Shadi Peterson

Founder at Giga Corp

Partner at Permanent Ventures

Nathan Sexer

Vice President at Ethereum France

Abishek Dharshan

Team Lead at Zerion

Alex Bashlykov

CTO & Co-Founder at Zerion

Alex Yamashita

Founder of Cultur3

Ameen Soleimani

Co-Founder & CEO of Spankchain

Anastasia Angelova

Onchain scaling and stakeholder coordination

Arad Paouky

Investor at

Benedikt Schulz

Investor at Tokentus

Benjamin Rameau

Founder at Jenny DAO

Blake GAO

Angel Investor and Partner at Principle

Brian Steketee

Partner at 707v

Callum Gladstone

Co-Founder at Fire Eyes

Cassandra Shih

Founder at D1 Ventures

Christina Beltramini

Head of Growth at Lens and Aave Companies

Dave Merin

Head of Corp Dev at ConsenSys


Investor at Social Graph Ventures


Founder at RaidGuild and DAOhaus

Derek Edws

Managing Partner at Collab+Currency

Don Kei

Member of GCR DAO

Evan Zinaman

Founder & Principal at Trailbreak

Evgeny Gokhberg

Managing Partner at Re7 Capital

Evgeny Yurtaev

Co-founder & CEO at Zerion

Gabriel R

Member at Atka

Gareth Fenney

Co-Founder at Owl Ventures

Geoffrey Arone

Co-Founder at Logos DAO

Greg Valitchka

Investor at Collab+Currency

Henry Brodie

Operator at 1kx


Co-Founder at Syndicate

Ikuma Mutobe

Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Tané Labs


Pear Gardener

Ivailo Jordanov

Daedalus Member and
Co-Founder of Altitude

James Waugh

Co-Founder at Fire Eyes

Jon Hillis

Caretaker at Cabin

Jordan Lazaro Gustave

Partner at AGLAÉ VENTURES and Founding Member at FlamingoDAO

Justin Dierking

Co-Founder at 707V

Kaz Okamoto

Co-Founder at Nonagon Capital

Kiyo Kobayashi

Co-Founder & CEO at Noxx and Wagumi DAO

Luka Skywalker

Co-Founder at Daedalus

Marcos Veremis

Partner at Accolade Partners

Meta Dreamer

Strategy at TheMetaFactory

Michael (Lewwwk) Lewkowitz

Founder at Possibilian Capital

Mo Saraiya

Digital Assets Fund Investor

Mohib Jafri

Co-Founder at
HarvardDAO and SeedLab

Mona Tiesler

Investment Manager at tokentus investment AG

Neil A

Physician and Investor


OG at Seed Club Ventures

Pierre Laurent

Co-Founder at Atka

Regan Bozman

Co-Founder at Lattice Capital

Rishav Bajoria

Member at GCR and Founder at Stationx

Robbie Lim

GM, Partnerships & International at NEAR Foundation

Robert Aron Zawiasa (Raz)

Founder at

Sachin Mittal

Cofounder at Kernel0x, ex- Gitcoin, Polygon

Seok Hyun Sim

DAOist at Phusis Labs

Shriank (SK)

Co-Founder of Harvard DAO and Seed Labs

Simiao Li

Founder & CIE at Maverick Crypto

Sky Minert

DAO Contributor

Thomas Bailey

Founder at Road Capital


Founder of

William Piquard

Co-Founder at Atka

Yoni Ben Shimon

Founder of Matchbox DAO and


Co-Founder of DAO Under and Member of DUVC