Octu Ventures Investment Announcement

Hydra Ventures
October 17, 2023
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We are happy to announce our investment in Octu Venture, an investment DAO focused on the Urbit ecosystem. Hydra Ventures is committed to investing up to $300,000 and providing incubation support to Octu Ventures.

Hydra believes that the summoning team at Octu Ventures is well-positioned to tap into the strong growth potential of the Urbit ecosystem. We believe the collaboration between Hydra and Octu can create synergies and help both entities maximise their investment returns while contributing to the development and success of the Urbit ecosystem.

Hydra’s Vision

Our support for Octu Ventures stems from our vision to promote community-driven venture DAOs. Hydra believes in the transformative power of fostering organisational innovation within the investment landscape. Octu Ventures embodies these principles, as it embraces a community-first approach to investment and supports Urbit ecosystem projects in unparalleled ways. This approach fosters active engagement and brings together a wealth of technical, community, and operational expertise, paving the way for remarkable success.

At Hydra, we surpass the confines of passive investment. Our members contribute diverse expertise that guides the Investment DAO from its inception, providing invaluable assistance in tackling operational, legal, and social challenges. Leveraging our comprehensive operational framework, we assist in building a robust incentive structure designed to unlock the long-term potential of the Investment DAO's diversified network of industry experts. Moreover, Hydra's members offer ongoing guidance and support throughout the journey. We look forward to our collaborative work with Octu Ventures to drive new approaches in investment narratives.  

Market Opportunity

Octu Ventures presents a lucrative market opportunity primarily propelled by the expansion and success of the Urbit network and the performance of its investments. 

Competitive Advantage

Octu Ventures' competitive advantage lies in its team's deep knowledge, extensive experience, strong connections, and technically curated membership within the Urbit community. These factors position Octu uniquely to identify and capitalise on the best investment opportunities.

Key identified factors for the strong returns potential:

  • Maturing Urbit ecosystem with increasing adoption
  • Growing markets in address space, Urbit hosting, and decentralised computing aligned with web3 and decentralisation trends
  • Octu Ventures' strategy of investing in early-stage Urbit network companies
  • Possibility of high returns through successful exits (acquisitions, tokens, IPOs, or secondary sales) of portfolio companies.


Octu is a closed-end fund with up to 99 members summoned by:

  • Kenny Rowe, one of the founding members, has substantial experience with investment DAOs, having been a founding and key governing member of Meta Cartel Ventures and MakerDAO. This experience equips Octu Ventures with the know-how to operate effectively as an investment DAO.
  • Nick Simmons brings valuable experience, strong connections, community-building skills, a deep understanding of the Urbit space, and strategic planning expertise to Octu Ventures, positioning the DAO for success.

Hydra Support 

Hydra brings a unique approach to support DAOs that goes beyond investments. The incubation program aims to support Octu from inception by providing operational support, domain-specific expertise, and access to Hydra’s network.

This unique approach brought by a community of industry experts summoned by 1kx, MetaCartel, and Thing3 aims to guide Investment DAOs through their life cycle and leverage a wealth of resources to develop a highly efficient operational framework.

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